How it Works

You order a quarter, a half, or a whole animal; choose from beef, pork, or lamb. You receive a flat, per-pound meat rate for the whole share (including the high-end cuts!):

  • Beef:  Whole, half and quarter, cut and vacuum packed.  $9.99 per pound.
  • Pork:  Whole and half, cut and vacuum packed.  $8.99 per pound.  Smoking and curing extra (call for details).
  • Lamb:  Whole animals, cut and vacuum packed.  $18.99 per pound.

***Bulk prices may be subject to change. 

If you know exactly what you'd like, you can print off, fill out and fax the Green Pasture Meats Custom Cut Sheet to us at FAX # (802) 453-3580.  If you'd like our butcher to walk you through the process, please stop by our butcher shops or give us a call.   

Custom Cut Sheets:

Beef (PDF)
Pork (PDF)
Lamb (PDF)

A $200 non-refundable deposit is required on all bulk orders.  Meat products are subject to availability.  Pick up and payment is due within three business days of processing.  A $20 per day fee will be charged thereafter.  Please call (802) 453-5107 to confirm.  Online payment or in-store credit or cash available.

Finished weight estimates (the amount of meat you'll take home):

Whole Beef - 390 pounds  /  Half Beef - 195 pounds  /  Quarter Beef - 97 pounds
Whole Pork - 120 pounds  /  Half Pork - 60 pounds
Whole Lamb - 28 pounds

Each share provides you with proportionate cuts representative of the animal. So instead of receiving just a hind or fore quarter, you'd simply receive a quarter's worth of each cut from the animal.

By ordering in bulk, you save!

Meat is vacuum sealed, air-tight so your share stays fresh in the freezer for up to one year.

Green Pasture Meats will custom cut to your order – you decide portions of your share, types of cuts (e.g. roasts vs chops), widths of cuts (do you like really thick pork chops or steaks?), etc.

You receive meat from one Vermont farm. Your cuts are not processed with other animals or at other times of year. All processing is done right on the local farm under USDA inspection with our mobile processing unit.  

Only pay for what is delivered. You don't pay the hanging weight like many other bulk orders – you pay per pound what you take home, nothing more.