Green Pasture Meats holds its producers to some of the highest standards in the industry.  These standards keep our customers, farms, and landscape healthy and producing food that speaks to the quality that customers expect from Vermont producers.  We require our meat producers to sign an affidavit guaranteeing that the beef, pork and lamb being purchased and processed for the Green Pasture Meats butcher shops is free of any and all antibiotics, has been raised naturally with no added growth hormones and have never been fed animal by-products.

Green Pasture meats offers two services to producers:

Custom Meat Processing Services

USDA Inspected - Farmers hire Green Pasture Meats to process their animals and the farmers sell the meat to customers under their own label. (We do not process poultry.)

  • BEEF
    Flat fee of $750 per animal weighing up to 700 pounds hot hanging weight ($.95 per pound over 700 pounds).
    Five animal minimum.
    Slaughter crew keeps beef hide.
  • PORK
    Flat fee of $270 per animal weighing up to 200 pounds hot hanging weight ($.95 per pound over 200 pounds).
    Ten animal minimum.
  • LAMB
    $175 per animal.  
    Ten animal minimum.

$10 rendering fee per animal.  Owner may opt to compost on site.
Green Pasture Meats does not slaughter non-ambulatory animals (aka 'downers').
Pick up and payment is due within three business days of processing.  A $20 per day fee will be charged thereafter.
Payment by cash or credit cards only.  Sorry, no checks.
Fees subject to change without notice.
Special arrangements may be negotiated with owner.

Farm Partnership Opportunities

Farmers partner with Green Pasture Meats to sell their animals to Green Pasture Meats.  Green Pasture Meats processes beef, pork and lamb on farm, pays the farmer per pound hanging weight, and sells the meat in Green Pasture's butcher shops.

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