Green Pasture Meats of Vermont butcher shops specialize in humanely raised,
100% antibiotic and growth hormone free, local meats.

When preparing food for your family, you have a choice...serve meat from some factory farm somewhere, or local cuts from farmers you know.  At Green Pasture Meats, our beef, pork, lamb and poultry is sourced from over 40 Vermont family farm partners who are committed to humanely raised livestock that is 100% antibiotic and growth hormone free.  Our experienced butchers go on farm with New Englands' only 36 foot USDA inspected red-meat mobile unit and process local beef, pork and lamb.  We believe that processing animals on farm maintains the quality of life and meat that our customers expect.  It allows our farming partners to do what they do best: farm.  We pay a fair price for what our farmers produce, helping to maintain Vermont's agrarian tradition and landscape.   

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