Green Pasture Meats is taking a comprehensive approach to Vermont’s growing natural fed meat industry...

By fostering a renewed commitment to the growth of the state’s agricultural economy, we can accommodate producers of all sizes with the ultimate goal of increased production and profits for producers and better utilization of the state’s most valuable agricultural asset: its landscape.


Green Pasture Meats of Vermont butcher shops specialize in humanely raised, 100% antibiotic and growth hormone free, local meats.  How are we different?  We are currently the only USDA inspected mobile operation in New England that can process beef, pork, and lamb right on local farms.  On-farm processing yields finer meat by reducing the stress associated with long distance transport and slaughterhouses.  We own and maintain a 36-foot Mobile Processing Unit and our staff works alongside a USDA inspector that is onboard with us at all times.  Processing animals on farm maintains the quality of life and meat that our customers expect.  It also allows our farming partners to do what they do best: farm.  We pay a fair price for what our farmers produce helping to maintain Vermont's agrarian tradition and landscape.